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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Thistle, the Flower of Scotland

Alongside tartan, the thistle is perhaps the most significant symbol of all things Scottish. The thistle may only be a common weed, but it's the national symbol of such a proud race of people. And the song  'The Flower of Scotland' is Scotland's national anthem. Get to learn more here.

See Amy MacDonald now singing 'The Flower of Scotland' before Scotland vs Macedonia:

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Scottish Kilts

Look at these boys wearing a traditional Scottish kilt, made of colourful checked tartan. The special bag hanging at the front is called a sporran!

Recipe: Scottish Shortbread

Hello, kids!
Watch this how-to video to see an authentic Scottish recipe. Let's all try it! Delicious!

Where is Scotland?

  • Scotland is in Europe, at the northern end of Great Britain.
  • Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom, along with  England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 
  • Scotland has over 700 islands!
  • Its capital city is Edinburgh, while the largest city is Glasgow.
  • The highest mountain in Scotland is Ben Nevis (1344 m).
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


And this is the national flag of Scotland:

Now you can explore the landscapes of Scotland (Highlands and IslandsCentral Lowlands and Southern Uplands) and develop your map skills:

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